The 213 area code encompasses the neighborhoods of Downtown Los Angeles, Echo Park, Koreatown, and Chinatown. This area code is highly dense, and within it, has lots of diversity in terms of ethnicity, wealth, culture and the like. Much of Downtown Los Angeles is known for housing large businesses, which includes many of the country's largest law firms and leading lawyers. In addition, the city of Los Angeles has many of its government offices located in Downtown Los Angeles, where government lawyers at all levels of the government (federal, state, and municipal) work. Numerous lawyers can also be found working in the neighborhood's downtown courthouses and other government buildings.

213 Commercial Activity and Lawyers

Downtown Los Angeles (the largest geographic neighborhood that area code 213 encompasses) is where much of the commercial business activity in Los Angeles occurs. In fact, many leading lawyers and some of the largest law firms in all of the United States and Southern California are located in this 213 area code neighborhood. Lawyers work in downtown Los Angeles in the nation's largest law firms, including firms such as Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP; Sidley Austin LLP; and Paul Hastings, just to name a few. These lawyers practice law in a wide variety of areas, and are highly skilled as business lawyers, patent lawyers, immigration lawyers, and litigation lawyers, just to name a few.

213 Location

Downtown Los Angeles is close to the center of the metropolitan area of Los Angeles. However, the geographic boundaries of Downtown Los Angeles are a bit nebulous. Most people would say that this 213 area code neighborhood is bordered by freeways to the north, south and west (Hollywood (101) Freeway, Santa Monica (10) Freeway, and Harbor (110) Freeway, respectively). However, these boundaries are really just a matter of opinion. Some say that Downtown Los Angeles includes the University of Southern California area, which is located near University Park and Exposition Park. If so, then many aspiring lawyers who study law at the University of Southern California Law School would also call the 213 area code home.

213 Redevelopment and Growth

Recently this 213 area code neighborhood has seen a surge of growth in population and entertainment, attracting more visitors than in previous decades. In 2009, as many as 14,500 new residential units were created. Between 2006 to 2008 in fact, the population of this 213 area code neighborhood increased by 37%. A large percentage of the population in Downtown Los Angeles includes students and aspiring lawyers from neighboring universities, such as USC and Loyola Law School.

The students, lawyers, and other professionals in Downtown Los Angeles live near to many new entertainment centers and attractions. For example, Downtown Los Angeles is home to the Staples Center, which opened in 1999. The Staples Center is a large stadium that hosts many athletic events and music concerts, and can house up to 20,000 people at any event. Because of the proximity of the Staples Center to the large law firms and businesses in Downtown Los Angeles, many lawyers and other professionals like to go to these events as one of the perks of office life.

213 Districts

This 213 area code neighborhood is further subdivided into more districts. This is not surprising given how dense Downtown Los Angeles is. These districts include: the area between Union Station and Olvera Street (where the Los Angeles Union Station is located), Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Civic Center, Bunker Hill, Historic Core, Financial District, South Park, and Skid Row. Most of the lawyers and other professionals working in Downtown Los Angeles have their offices located in the Civic Center, Financial District, and South Park districts. The Civic Center, in particular, contains many government lawyers who work at every level of the government, including the federal, state and municipal levels. Learn more about attorney referral services in California.

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